Thickening Mist and Fiber Hold in ONE!!

Introducing the Hair Thickening Mist | Hair Volumizer and Fiber Hold Spray in One!


The Thickening Mist has been specifically designed to work with hair fibers to solve thinning and hair loss problems.

Thickening Mist &
Fiber Hold Spray
in ONE


This ultra lightweight thickening spray transforms fine, limp hair into thicker, fuller stronger hair. Specially formulated to help seal the hair fibers in place without drying or weighing hair down.

The Thickening Mist and Fiber Hold Spray works in three important ways:

  1. It increases the volume of each hair by actually increasing the diameter of the hair-shaft. This means that it will actually work in each individual strand giving it more volume.
  2. It helps the hair fibers attach/seal better to each hair which will give you better and longer overall coverage and increases the hair fibers resistace to wind and humidity.
  3. It uses only natural ingredients that protect your hair to give you thicker, stronger, and healthier looking hair.
  4. Adds smoothness and shine to your hair.

Thanks to the SureThik Thickening Mist you will experience great additional volume and better results from the use of hair fibers. The formula of the Thickening Mist was specially designed to protect the hair and add additional volume, without feeling greasy, sticky or weighing hair down. We have also added a humidity guard to help in the manageability of your hair.

It is alcohol free, aerosol free mist that when applied to wet or dry hair, increases the volume of each hair strand, meanwhile helping to seal the hair fibers better to the hair and scalp. The (Boost) Thickening Mist is Nutrient based and is not harmful to your hair in any way. Since it has no alcohol, it will go on slightly wet, but in seconds it will dry to a beautiful shiny finish. Formulated by Surethik to improve the effectiveness of hair fibers and solve thinning and hair loss problems.

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