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A "Body" Mist that Stops Hair Loss?

Get Silky Smooth Skin and Prevent Hair Loss?

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A Hair Loss Product that is NOT a Hair Loss Product...Yet, it works better than the leading brands?

Click Here to find out why and how this body "mist" could be the perfect solution for your hair loss and thinning hair problems. Plus it will give you great skin too!

This Product:

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Which is the best hair building fiber?

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What is the best hair fiber for ME?

We have been selling hair building fibers like Hairsoreal and Toppik for many, many years. Throughout that time, we have been asked many times which is the best hair building fiber. We have come to the conclusion, that we are being asked the wrong question. The correct question is: What is the best hair building fiber for ME? A decade ago, there probably was a "best hair fiber", the truth is that today the difference among the hair fibers available in the market is subtle at best. We have yet to find someone that with 100% accuracy can detect which hair fiber was applied. We can't even do it ourselves and we have been selling hair loss concealers for over 10 years now. What does this mean to you?

More Choices and an Opportunity to save!

If you are happy with an inexpensive hair fiber like Hairsoreal, you are in a good place because you are getting the most product for your money. However, if you are currently using one of the more expensive products, you have an opportunity to save money and still use a product you love. Hair building fibers are an amazing solution to hair loss and thinning hair. Once you discover their "magic" you will not want to be without them. Therefore, even small savings on a product will really add-up over time.

Our Recommendation...

Experiment! The best way to find out IF you are missing out on something better is to try something different. So we decided to make it easy for you to do just that. We looked at the many hair fibers in the market and selected the ones that offer quality and pricing. We offer Hair So Real for the more budget conscious consumer. We offer mid-range products like MegaTHIK and Mirage. And we offer SureTHIK for those who want a top of the line, organic product without having to pay inflated prices.

Our Promise...100% Satisfaction!

Find the hair fiber that is best for you without any risk! Go ahead and experiment... If for any reason you don't love the hair fiber you selected, we will give you your money-back. You now have a great opportunity to find a hair building fiber that you like as much if not more than what you are currently using and to save money every time you buy.

Plus Free Shipping

In addition to our money-back satisfaction guarantee, we offer free domestic shipping. Free shipping combined with lower prices translate into substatianl savings year after year.